SimpleLayers is a software company offering a cloud delivered GIS and business intelligence platform enhanced with capabilities for multi-user collaboration.

The SimpleLayers platform is in use by professionals across several industries. It is a fully-featured stand alone system that enables end users to get their work done without desktop software or outside consultants.

SimpleLayers seeks to provide high value to its user base, focusing on long-term success for all parties. SimpleLayers is particularly interested in reaching organizations traditionally precluded from accessing GIS and BI technology due to issues of cost & complexity.

SimpleLayers always assures that privacy & control remain with the end-users.


  • Hosted by HostGIS, at ColoServe
  • Backed up daily
  • Tech support provided same-day


  • Founded in 2005
  • Serving multiple industries
  • SimpleLayers is made in America


7435 N. Figueroa St #41403
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Timothy Tierney

Technologist with over 12 years of experience in applying software innovations to the real-world needs of professionals who require modern software tools without having to become software specialists themselves.


Chief Scientist:
Dr. Jordan T. Hastings

Accomplished practitioner, manager, and educator, with a diverse background of academic and public-sector experiences in management of geographic/ scientific data.


Chief Technical Officer:
Art Clifford

Seasoned developer and technology strategist with 15 years of experience in web-delivered interactive multimedia, starting with HTML/JavaScript for early web browsers and proceeding through rich internet application development with Adobe-Flex.